the nature
of skins in
3 seconds!

CosKin One Sàrl has developed and manufactured a skin analysis device that helps Cosmetics brands to promote their products in accordance with their client’s skin specificity.

Our solution

OUR Device - sWISS technology

CosKin One Sàrl has developed an embedded system that acquires multiple skin images in less than
3 seconds
; the handheld skin analyser gives results very quickly.


CosKin One Sàrl offers a facial marketing tool to improve your cosmetic sales up to 20%; Increase credibility, easy to use and helps to stand out from competitors.


Skin tracking, ultra-fast with repeatable measurement; pigmentation problems, wrinkles depth, pore density, excess of sebum, moisture content & skin elasticity.


From our beauty analysis machine you can use the information given and offer personalized customer service. Contact Customer Support, our operational teams are active 7/7.

Cosmetic creams

By using our CosKin device 

you can boost your sales 

and improve your

customer experience

Our clients say

"As a natural skin care brand, I wanted to personalize the product for each client.  I used to analyse the skin with my eyes and I could not give right prescription to them. Ever since I started using the CosKin device it has made my work very easy, I am able now to measure the progress for my clients in visual images and skin ranking. Furthermore,  I was also able to design my product concepts around the CosKin device. We currently have 60+ clients who I have tested their skin and their feedback are amazing"

Director of GloSkin
Lerato Glotilda Mothapo
Director of GloSkin - 24% Revenues increase
Handheld skinan alyser

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