Our Product

The device can extract various skin parameters, such as: pigmentation problems, wrinkle depth, excess of sebum, pore density, moisture content and skin elasticity. These factors analyzed define the needs of the skin. The cosmetics beauty advisor can use the information given by the system and offer personalized customer service.


Why should I use Coskin? 

Compared to our competitors, we offer multispectral technology. This technology makes it possible to be reliable and reproducible.


Where are your product sold and distributed? 

Our products are marketed and sold all over the world. 


What are your Manufacturer capabilities?

Our facility can accommodate low volume runs. Starting from 1 prototype unit up to 200 units volume runs per month. All products are manufactured right here in Switzerland, at our headquarters in beautiful Valais area. 


Can I request Product Samples?

Yes, we offer a rental test device -services. To request a demo Coskin device, or to discuss our available products, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to assist you.

What is the lead time for first-time order?
Our turnaround time on new orders is about 3-4 weeks. However this can vary depending on the size of the total order. We do our best to deliver your order as quickly as possible, but will never compromise quality or safety to do this.